Utah Horse Trails

Presented by members of the Back Country Horsemen of Utah.

Disclaimer: The following trail descriptions were kindly submitted by individual horsemen throughout Utah. Use this information at your own risk. As with all horse related activities, trail riding is a sport with a considerable amount of inherent danger and risk. No guarantee is stated or implied that you will find any of the information listed below to be accurate.

Utah is Home to Some of the Most Beautiful Country in the US

The Back Country Horsemen of Utah (BCHU) members are dedicated to maintaining and improving horse trails throughout Utah. Whether you are looking to vacation in Utah, or are looking for others with similar trail riding interests, you are bound to find some interesting areas to ride, and meet some friendly people.

There are eleven BCHU chapters in Utah, and each one has listed several interesting rides available around their areas. BCHU members are friendly, and welcome riders of all types, ages and interests into their chapters and/or their scheduled rides.


Use the map to find the area you are interested in riding, then click on the UTAH TRAILS chapter link for a current list of local area trails.

Map of Utah Chapters