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Tuesday, August 11 at 1:00 PM Mountain
The BCHA's 3 - S Program
Stop, Stand Back and Speak:
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Maximize Your Positive Interactions with People on Horseback

Most trail users are familiar with the Share the Trail "yield triangle," which asks that hikers and bikers yield to persons on horseback. The reasons behind such trail etiquette are rooted in animal psychology and behavior. Yet many stewardship volunteers, including hikers, trail runners, backpackers and mountain bicyclists are unfamiliar with the reasons why horses and mules might react adversely when thrust into a surprise encounter.

This webinar will provide participants with useful information on ways to minimize trail conflict and how to work comfortably alongside packstock during stewardship projects.

The presenters will walk webinar participants through topics such as: . The benefits of incorporating users of packstock, which includes horses and mules, into trial work parties and stewardship projects. . Horse psychology, including:

Horse sense: How a horse interprets its world through sight, sound and smell.

Fears and concerns of a prey animal (from the eyes of the horse). Fight or flight: Why even a well-trained horse might occasionally "bolt." How to "read" a horse's state of mind (pro tip: Vulcan mind-meld not required!).

The webinar will be interactive, in order to recognize the accumulated experience of webinar participants, with ample time for audience Q&A or story-telling. We implore participants to help us craft an informative webinar, the recording of which can serve as an educational tool for trail users and professionals for years to come.

Presented by Cate Bendock, Back Country Horsemen of America, with an assist from Randy Rasmussen, Public Lands Manager, BCHA.

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10 year Photo Contest

Help us celebrate our 10th anniversary by submitting your best Wilderness photos! NWSA is hosting a photo contest now through Sept. 4, 2020, to raise awareness of those who steward our Wilderness areas while celebrating a decade of our efforts to bring together the Wilderness stewardship community. You may submit up to (2) photos in the following categories:

Before and After:

Featuring tangible results of on-the-ground Wilderness stewardship projects Stewardship in Action: Working to steward Wilderness areas Traditional Skills: Showcasing Wilderness stewardship skills Scenic Landscape: Highlighting the beauty of Wilderness Winners will be announced on or around October 14, 2020 during the National Wilderness Workshop in Merced, California. Winners do not have to be present to win. Stay tuned for more information on prizes!

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The Corona Virus is affecting seasonal hiring across the country. Contact the organization you wish to work for directly in order to determine their hiring process.

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Have a safety tip to share? Send your ideas to You may just win a hat or t-shirt if used.

With the summer heat, be extra sure to use sunscreen, bring and drink plenty of water, and take needed breaks to avoid overheating while on the trail or job site.

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