Hi-Line And Hobbles Chapter

Hi-Line & Hobbles B C H U

"Gentle on the Land."


Our meetings are on the third Thursday of Jan-May and Sept-Dec at 7pm.
Location is the University Mall,
Woodbury Art Museum, upstairs,
575 East University Parkway,
Orem, Utah

Social Rides

Are held the third Saturday of every month (weather permitting). Locations vary, please contact Terry Welch 801-785-4862 or Steve Julian 435-640-8317. Trail work rides are done as needed.

President: Brandi Drury | 801-885-1327 | email me

Vice President: James Burges | 801-420-6001 | email me

Secretary: Cathy Bliss | 801-691-8066 | email me

Treasurer: Bob Gagon | 801-380-2239 | email me

May Meeting Minutes

Chapter By-Laws
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