2019 Central Rockies Wilderness Volunteer Workshop - Invitation and Survey Feedback


Please circulate this announcement to BCH chapters and encourage their attendance at this great wilderness volunteers workshop in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

The dates are April 10-12, which unfortunately overlaps with BCHA's National Board Meeting. 

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2019 Central Rockies Wilderness Volunteer Workshop

2019 Central Rockies Wilderness Volunteer Workshop

March 2, 2019

To All Wilderness Stewards,

By Volunteers, For Volunteers: Lots of time to network, new approaches to the challenges we all face, and a strategy to build alliances to keep us all thriving together.

Among the events to strengthen you and your organization - short, focused talks, always with lots of time to Q&A and discuss implications:

What keeps wilderness stewardship volunteers coming back? - First of its kind research

Strengthening your Group by Engaging your Members - Strategies that work for us

The Rapid Trail Assessment Mobile App - And other new tools for quality field work

Keynote with Ralph Swain - The Human Element of Wilderness Stewardship: from Teddy to Today

Agency Relations - "with a twist or two" say the organizers!

Fundraising update from D.C.

Writing NWSA grants that bring it home

Corporate support - an overlooked route to financial stability?

Fit to your Community - New supporters, new members, new ways to support and be supported

Action Alliances - The "Blue Wall" will guide us to support and alliances to keep as all thriving!

Field Day - A look at the latest principles of trail design, TrailHead hosting - a way to expand your membership, and Authority of the Resource on the trail.

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Survey Feeback

Some of you have spoken and we have heard your voices.  Based on your survey feedback, here are some of the topics many of you are interested in.

1. People

  • Retaining Members - Best Practices, Recognition, Long-Term Commitment
  • Member Relations - Balancing Service vs. Social, Service Beyond Main Purpose
  • Leadership - Paid Staff vs. No Paid Staff, Models of Board Organization, How to Encourage Committee Participation
  • Other - Plan for Population Change, Educating Youth, Hierarchy

2. Agencies

  • National Agency - USFS
  • Local District - Coordination with Other Groups
  • Agency Liaison - What if No Liaison?
  • Other - Agency Support Other than Money

3. Finances

  • Financial Management - Budgeting, Audit
  • Grants - Available Grant Resources, Grant Writing - How To
  • Fundraising - Sharing Fundraising Strategies & Ideas
  • Corporate Support - Sharing Corporate/Business Support Ideas, Keeping Corporations/Businesses Interested
  • Other - Endowment Funds

4. Community

  • Education - Education Strategy - Where Do We Start? Training vs. Education - What's the Difference?
  • Resources - A Non-Patrolling Membership
  • Diversity - Accessing/Serving a More Diverse Population (Membership and Community)
  • Alliances/Partnerships - Increasing Visibility, Engaging Colleges & Universities

There is still time to submit your survey.  If you interested in attending this event, then please complete this survey to help us shape the program to respond to your challenges and advance your goals. We (PWV & FOW) will use your suggestions, questions, and comments to adjust the overall program to best meet your needs.

We need your help to make this workshop a success with your feedback. Click on the link below to complete the survey.

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Central Rockies Wilderness Volunteer Workshop is co-hosted by Poudre Wilderness Volunteers (PWV) and Friends of Wilderness (FOW) and supported by the National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance (NWSA).

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