Snow Basin
USGS Derived Map Submitted by members of theBack Country Horsemen of Utah

Disclaimer: The following trail description was kindly submitted by area horsemen. Use this information at your own risk. As with all horse related activities, trail riding is a sport with a considerable amount of inherent danger and risk. No guarantee is either stated or implied that you will find any of the information listed below to be accurate.

Snow Basin
(Wheeler Creek, Upper, Lower, East Fork, Middle Fork)

Elevation- Lower Wheeler creek starts at 4900' and then climbs 600' to Art Nord parking area then climbs an additional 900' to Maples camp ground.

Camping-Closed, there are plans for it to reopen with-in a year or two.

Difficulty-Easy to Intermediate due to elevation, climb and the condition of the trail.

Condition of stock- Moderately fit

Best time of the year to ride- May-Oct , bugs are tolerable even in the middle of summer.

Trail hazards that you may encounter- Bogs and water on East fork, River crossings and tight switch backs on upper Wheeler.

Current level of use-

Directions to Trail Head- Take I-15 to Ogden and exit 12th street head east toward Pineview through Ogden canyon. At 9.5 mi from I-15, the road will fork as you are coming out of the canyon. Just to the right, before road forks, there is a dirt road that dips down. This is the trailhead to the lower Wheeler trail (parking is limited). Parking is also available at the Art North trailhead. To go there, stay right at the aforementioned fork, proceed to Huntsville, take a right on Highway 226 then drive about 4 miles to Snow basin. Look for a dirt parking area on the right after descending steep hill where the road bends to the right at the bottom. This is it!

Directions on the trail-

Lower Wheeler Creek,(1.8 mi one way) This segment of the Great Western Trail begins at trailhead immediately west of Pineview Dam, on the south side of Highway 39. It follows a dirt road called Art North Drive (after a former Forest Service employee, which is now partly washed out and closed to motorized traffic. The road follows the narrow canyon cut by Wheeler Creek, then narrows to a footpath which emerges at the Art North trailhead.

Upper Wheeler Creek, (up and back, 3.4 mi one way) This segment begins at the Art North trailhead. The path starts on the west side of the parking lot dropping down to Wheeler Creek and then starts to climb gradually to Maples campground.

East Fork Wheeler Creek, (up and back, 3 mi one way) From the Ard Nord trailhead, cross to the south side of the road and walk to the west about 50 yards until you see a trail heading south. After just a few feet this trail splits, with the incorrect but better beaten path heading straight into a stand of cottonwood trees. Take the fainter path up to the right , which soon levels off above, parallel and to the west of the creek. After about 1.5 mi, the trail reaches a large meadow. Here the path bends to the southwest and climbs up to a series of beaver ponds.

Middle Fork Wheeler Creek, (up and back, 1.2 mi) This is a little-used path that begins 1.4 mi west of the Art North trailhead on the Snow Basin road. The road makes a sharp turn and there is a pullout on the north side where you can park. Ride across the road to the south and look for the trail to the west of the creek. The faint path stays west of the creek for about of a mile, then crosses just above a fork in the creek. From here the route continues southward. The trail is visable for the most part but will occasionally disappear in the meadows.

...UPDATE 8/05/02...
for Art Nord Trailhead, Wheeler Creek Trail

Trail Route Directions: Wheeler creek now makes a loop joining all the trails. Length is about 2 hours. From the Art Nord parking lot head southwest, cross the road to the trail. The trail has a mild climb toward the green pond trailhead. About 100 yards from the green pond trail head, there will be Y in the trail. Keep right and the trail continues, crosses the snowbasin road and meets up with the Wheeler creek trail. At the Wheeler creek trail, stay right and it will go back down to the Art Nord trailhead. If you go left it will go up to Snowbasin ski resort and the old Maples campground. Snowbasin is building more trails this year and next to build up to 20 miles. In this area most of the trail surface is dirt. There are a few places with lots of rocks, but they can be avoided. There are now several wooden bridges crossing the streams. On the north side along Wheeler creek there is a split in the trail. The south split goes across a complicated bridge, the north split fords the creek. Look fo > the brown plastic Forest Service trail markers and take the split that has the horse on the marker. More wooden trail markers are being put up all the time. It is wonderful for an evening ride. In the evenings, the bikers are few and the wildlife is plentiful. It's a great way to get away from the summer heat.

Type of Route: loop

Route Distance: 6

Estimated Ride Duration: 2

Attractions: scenery, Cant get lost, restrooms

Ride accessible from: jun

until: oct

General Description of Route: path

Predominant Trail Surface: dirt

Use by Hikers: intermediate

Use by Bicycles: intermediate

Remember always to use your best judgement. Always take a moment to consider the suitability the weather, trail conditions, your horsemanship skills, the skill of those in your party, and perhaps most important...the physical and mental condition of your horses before each trip.
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