Box Elder Canyon
USGS Derived Map Submitted by members of theBack Country Horsemen of Utah

Disclaimer: The following trail description was kindly submitted by horsemen in the Moab area. Use this information at your own risk. As with all horse related activities, trail riding is a sport with a considerable amount of inherent danger and risk. No guarantee is either stated or implied that you will find any of the information listed below to be accurate.

BCHU Chapter: West Desert

Name of Trailhead: Box Elder Canyon

Names of Trails: Box Elder Canyon, Mud Springs

Direction to Trail from the parking area: SW

Elivation at Trailhead: 5200 ft

longitude: 112.3_degrees W
latitude: 40.3_degrees N

Property of: BLM, USFS

Restrictions: weed free hay, primative camping only

Diffuculty: moderate

Horse level of fitness: Moderately Fit

Directions from: Grantsville

Driving Directions: Going West on Main St. in Grantsville, take the Old Mormon Trail which is the same as West St. Go South 6.3 miles to box Elder Canyon Rd. There is a street sign that looks like a city street sign. Make a right and go 0.9 mi to a wide turnout. This is about the best place to park. the parking area is simply a wide spot on the right or North side of the road.

Trail Route Directions: Take the dirt road to the west. After 2.6 miles the road splits. Keep to the left. Stay on the dirt road for another 0.9 miles. You will see a notch in the canyon on the right side of the road. There is a dim two track road that will take you through a meadow. There is a gate in an old fence on the other side of the meadow, the trail is there. This is not a heavily used trail, that is why it is a favorite. The trail is sometimes hard to find due to lack of use. Just keep looking for trimmed branches. The trail runs up the canyon and connects to the Stansbury Front Trail. The Stansbury trail runs to the North. It is about 3 or so miles up the canyon. You will go over a pass into White Pine Canyon and you will find a water trough that runs all summer. After another mile or so past the trough, you will find a two track dirt road heading East. Follow that road down the canyon where it will merge back into the road where it forked as you were riding up thereby completing the loop. From there it is only 2.6 miles back to the parking area.

Type of Route: loop

Route Distance: 15 Miles

Estimated Ride Duration: 4 Hours

Attractions: scenery, conditioning

Ride accessible from May until November

Comfort Ranges

fall: warm to cold
winter: cold to cold
spring: cool to warm
summer: cool to hot

General Description of Route: jeep_trail

Predominant Trail Surface: dirt

Other Surfaces: loose_rock

Features: stock watering, grazing

Hazards: steep drop offs, trail route can be indistinct in areas

Use by Hikers: low
Use by Bicycles: low
Use by ATVs: low

In Case of Emergency: Call 911

Additional Notes: This is a great day ride. If you just have a few hours to spend, you can ride up the trail to a clearing. There is a good place to turn around for a short ride. It should take you 1.5 hours to get to this spot. It's about 5 miles from the parking area. There is a lot to see on this ride. It starts out in the sage and goes all the way up to the pines and aspens. The trail isn't all that steep, and it's very isolated. The views of the Tooele Valley are spectacular! Bring bug spray for you and your horses.

Remember always to use your best judgement. Always take a moment to consider the suitability the weather, trail conditions, your horsemanship skills, the skill of those in your party, and perhaps most important...the physical and mental condition of your horses before each trip.
Safe Trails !!!

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