Wasatch Back Country Horsemen Packing Clinic put on by Bridgerland BCHU
Chapter President

Mr. Travis Sparks May 1, 2010.
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Wasatch Front Pack Clinic- Overview of Decker Pack Saddle
Fitting a Pack Saddle
Manty a Load
Tying the Manty
Tying the Manty with a barrel hitch
Tying Elk Antlers
Basket Hitch with Manty Load
Crows Foot
Saw Buck Saddle
Saw Buck with Panniers
Saw Buck Panniers with Tie down
Saw Buck,Panniers and Top Pack
Double Diamond Packing Hitch
Saddle Panniers
Packing Pigtail
Butt Splice
How To Splice a Cotton Rope
How to Eye Splice and other knots
Wikipedia Knots