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Liability Release

Recognizing the fact that there is a potential for an accident wherever horse/mule use is involved, which can cause injuries to horses/mules, riders, and spectators and also recognizing the fact that Back Country Horsemen of Utah, including units, officers, directors, or members cannot always know the condition of trails or the experience of riders or horses/mules taking part in trail rides or other BCHU functions, I do hereby release the above named from any claim or right for damages which might occur to me, my minor children or horses/mules.
By signing this release, I/WE recognize the following Utah State Law, "UCA 78-27b - Limitations on liability for Equine and Livestock Activities." It shall be presumed that participants in equine or livestock activities are aware of and understand that there are inherent risks associated with these activities. "Inherent risk" with regard to equine or livestock activities means those dangers or conditions, which are an integral part of equine or livestock activities. The equine activity sponsor is not liable for those inherent risks. If you are unwilling to assume these risks for yourself or for those under your supervision, you should not participate in these activities.

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P.O. Box 13195
Ogden, Utah 84412-3195

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