USGS Derived Map Submitted by members of theBack Country Horsemen of Utah

Disclaimer: The following trail description was kindly submitted by horsemen in the Moab area. Use this information at your own risk. As with all horse related activities, trail riding is a sport with a considerable amount of inherent danger and risk. No guarantee is either stated or implied that you will find any of the information listed below to be accurate.


To arrive at Mirror Lake, you will travel 31 miles up highway 150 from Kamas. There is also a trail head approximately 3 miles from the Mirror Lake turn off. It will be on your right hand side as you travel past Mirror Lake. It is called the Highline Trail Head. Access can also be obtained from Evanston, Wyoming. You will travel about 43 miles Southwest on Highway 150. The trail head will be on your left hand side.

Both of these facilities provide access to the same general area. If you want to ride in the area for several days, the Mirror Lake horse campground should be your choice. If you are coming for a day ride you will want to access the Highline Trail Head. There is a trail from Mirror Lake that joins the Highline Trail. This trail is extremely rocky. Make sure your horse is prepared with good shoes. There is a lot of traffic on this trail. It is one of the main routes into the wilderness area. You will encounter many backpackers as well as goats and llamas on the trail. This trail would be considered very difficult for a horse that is not use to these types of distractions. If your horse is uncomfortable with other trail users, then this trail would be rated easy.

There are several lakes to fish along the trail. The fish are small and very hungry. Naturalist Basis in one of the most scenic areas to see. You can ride into Jordan Lake, have lunch, sight see and ride out to the trail head in a day. You can spend the night by Evermann Lake. It has good pasture and water for your animals. There is a longer loop ride a person can take. You will be in the saddle from dawn to dusk if you want to come back to the trail head or campground. Go down the Highline trail to the Pinto Lake turn off. Follow this trail to the Duchesne River. Then up from the river to the Mirror lake campground. Access this area in July and August. Cell phones are not reliable in this area. Remember your low impact techniques while riding.

Happy trails!

Remember always to use your best judgement. Always take a moment to consider the suitability the weather, trail conditions, your horsemanship skills, the skill of those in your party, and perhaps most important...the physical and mental condition of your horses before each trip.
Safe Trails !!!

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