Little Cottonwood to Willow Creek Loop
USGS Derived Map Submitted by members of theBack Country Horsemen of Utah

Disclaimer: The following trail description was kindly submitted by horsemen in the Moab area. Use this information at your own risk. As with all horse related activities, trail riding is a sport with a considerable amount of inherent danger and risk. No guarantee is either stated or implied that you will find any of the information listed below to be accurate.

Little Cottonwood to Willow Creek Loop
Bridgerland Chapter, BCHU

Name of the Trailhead: Steel Hollow at the Right Fork of the Logan River

Direction to trail entrance from parking area: West

Elevation at trailhead: 7067 ft

Trailhead Longitude and Latitude: 41o 58' 24 N / 111o 31' 54 W

Property of: Forest Service, Wasache-Cache National Forest, Logan Ranger District, 1500 East Hwy 89, Logan,UT 84327 (435)755-3620

Camping and use restrictions at the trailhead and along the route: Limited primitive overnight camping at trailhead


To complete this route, Horses need to be: Moderately Fit

Directions to the Trailhead from: Logan
Take Hwy 89 east from Hwy 91. Go Approximately 10 miles to mile marker 383, turn right and proceed 1.8 miles along the right fork of the logan river by the leoma girls camp. Proceed .6 mile east along the north side of the river and past stock corrals.

Parking instructions:
Park trailers along the side of a loop leaving room for rigs to pass on the road.

Type of route: loop

Length of entire route: approximately 10mi

Directions along the Route:
Ride Back along the road to the corrals you passed driving into the parking area. Go behind the corals and follow trail north along the east side of little cottonwood creek. The trail will soon take you across the creek and up a steep narrow .2mi section as you climb the west bank of the creek. At the top, you will pass to the right of pond. The ride is relatively level from here. Follow the trail North through an open area. This area can be boggy when wet. Eventually you will reach a jeep trail, follow it North to a fence. Ride through the gate and follow the trail to the east. This trail will eventually take you to another stock corral. Follow the trail to the right down the west bank of Willow creek. Follow Willow Creek to Steel Hollow. Keep right and follow trail to the east. You will cross another creek then shortly return to the parking area.

Estimated ride duration: 4 hours

Attractions: Scenic views, plenty of water

Months of accessibility: May - November

Normal ranges of ambient comfort during the recommended months of use:

Description of the Route:

Approximate number of specific hazards that can be found on this route.

Features stock watering, grazing, overlook, campground, corrals

Current Level of use by:

Area Tack and Equipment Dealers:

Hospital: Logan Regional Hospital, 1400 N 500 E, Logan (435) 716-4000

Police/Fire/Ambulance: 911

Road Conditions: 752-0045

Remember always to use your best judgement. Always take a moment to consider the suitability the weather, trail conditions, your horsemanship skills, the skill of those in your party, and perhaps most important...the physical and mental condition of your horses before each trip.
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