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Subject: Fw: Interim Process for Private Horse Use

For your information:

Hi everyone,
after lots of discussions with the Utah State Veterinarian, I made a somewhat quick decision to change the level of private horse use temporarily. This letter is now on our website and we are working with those folks who already had reservations In May and June about these changes. While there is not a state alert on EVH1 and potential for spread may be going down in adjacent states, I took this conservative approach because of weather ahead. Wetter conditions allow the virus to last longer so until further notice (until hotter, drier conditions prevail) we will not be allowing private horse use on the Peekaboo loop. We've also changed the times for rides until after 4:30 pm so the chance of private horses interacting with commercial horses will be very low.

I realize private folks will not be happy with us and especially with Mule Days almost here. This seemed the prudent thing to do and the State Vet agreed. Please help us to pass this information along. Thanks so much. --

Linda C. Mazzu, Superintendent
Bryce Canyon National Park
PO Box 640201
3000 S Highway 63, Bldg 1
Bryce Canyon, UT 84764
Office: (435) 834-4700
Cell: (435) 690 1177

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