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Expires: 2019-4-24.

BCHU chainsaw training

From: Wayne Ludington
Sent: Monday, April 8, 2019 9:28 PM

The BCHU has been working with the Regional Office of the Forest Service to set up a program where we could get a few of our members trained to certified other members on chainsaws. This program would be "training the trainers", who will then train other members of BCHU. This means that they will be certified as C Fallers and Buckers. They have notified us that a Forest Service Chainsaw trainer, Jason VanOrman will be providing training in Ephraim for three days in May. The days scheduled are May 9, 10, 11th (Thursday, Friday and Saturday.). There is room for four or five BCHU members in the class. I would like to pull members from the areas in the state where they are needed to train others to operate chainsaws.

The members taking this training would need to be experienced chainsaw operators, who are willing to provide training to others in chainsaw operations. They should have chainsaw experience and will need to have a current first aid and CPR training certificate (which are available on line). It would help if they had or did have a chainsaw card from the Forest Service. They will be trained to be a Class C bucker and faller. They will need to bring their own chainsaw, personal protection equipment (PPE) including hard hat, ear protection, eye protection, leather gloves, boots, and chainsaw chaps, and tools. They will be spending at least one day cutting down trees.

We have one member in Price who will be attending. Please let me or Jeff Nichols know if you have someone who would be able to take the training (email address on This is our chance to make chainsaw cards available to our members to want to operate chainsaws on volunteer projects. More info on the accommodations available in Ephraim will be forwarded to participants.

I will need to hear from each Chapter President in the next two weeks with who they have that wants the training.