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Expires: 2019-4-18.

CPR/Wilderness training Class update

From Lyn Taggart. Please respond directly to her at tagfam@msn.com with any questions.

This Class is scheduled for 19/20 Apr. I have 14 attendees on the list so far. Class is set to begin at 6:00 P M Fri for the CPR portion. This is a fast paced busy course. Please eat dinner before arriving or brown bag in/eat during class. (Same for Sat-9:00 a m start)

This course is taught by Weber Co Sherriffs Office. It is in the main Sherriffs Complex off 12th st Ogden. If u r East bound on 12th from I-15 & get to the train tracks then u have missed the Right turn into the Complex. I do not think the sign has been replaced yet after the construction.

I was just informed that the processing of the CPR cards has been raised to $25 each. This makes each attendees total fee for the certification cards and two days of instruction a total of $80. (Cash or check pd to Weber Co Sherriffs Office). This is a great value as there is so much useful/thorough information crammed into the instruction. This is a shortened Use specific EMT version designed for BCHers like us. Several of us riders have used this training both on the trail & at home multiple times.

We do not anticipate holding another class like this until 2021.

To add more attendees pls contact me at 801-381-3248, tagfam@msn.com.
Tks Lyn T.
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