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Canyonlands BCH Members,


Spring is here and it is time to get out and ride!

We have been receiving many inquirys on Facebook from riders coming to Moab in April.

One group from Ridgeway, Colorado will be coming on the 12th. Sam Hoshor group from Montana, will be here on the 22nd.

If you want to meet, greet, guide or ride with them? let me know and I will put you in contact.

As you know Naomi and I had our wedding / honeymoon and are back at work. Because we were away, we not have an April chapter meeting. Our next meeting will be in mid-May.

The Kiosk at the Hollywood Westerns Trailhead is approved and Trail Mix is working on signage.

Our Member Melissa (Missy) Wardle from Monticello has finished the CBCH sticker design. We hope to have a few examples at out next meeting.

New CBCH sticker design


If anybody has time... can you go to each set of corrals our chapter built in the area and take a few photos. please let me know if there is any damage, signs of use, or vandalism. The four corral locations are

  • Kens Lake Corrals
  • Lone Mesa Corrals
  • Onion creek Corrals
  • Courthouse Rock Corrals
  • Question: One group comming to visit asked "is there any water flowing in Onion Creek? Is it safe for horses to drink?"
    Stephen Schultz
    Canyonlands Back Country Horsemen