San Rafael Chapter Work Project March 15-18th

The group effort starts Saturday at 9 a.m. – 4 p.m

There will be flags on the route that is described on the web page. I am sure every one will see the trailers. People can camp at the new campground with trailers placed so as to allow clearance for the work equipment (generators etc). There is no potable water. The work will begin at 9 am on Saturday. Food is on your own except Saturday night dinner which will be prepared by SRBCH. A ride Saturday afternoon to assembly hall peak or eye of the needle is likely. There will be a 17 mile ride on Sunday up nearby Cane Wash. Josh Winkler (BLM Recreation Coordinator) is going down on Wednesday. Wayne is setting up trailer on Thursday. Rod & Ken are going Friday and will layout the post holes. The group effort starts Saturday at 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Dale will fix Dutch oven dinner for the group Saturday night. (Dale may contact you, since we told him you want to put your new Dutch oven to use.) Sara will bake bread. Priscilla will fix Dutch oven dessert. Dale will buy bottled water. Josh will bring fire rings for cooking

March 17, Saturday work project will begin at 9 a.m. Tasks to be accomplished:

· Focus on clearing tamarisk out of camp spots. (BLM will eventually bring in softer dirt for tent camp.)
· Clear out tamarisk down to creek. Make the path meander around large tamarisk.
· Use Roundup on large stumps.
· Line out post and rail.
· Install posts every 10 ft. (Posts are 4 ft high, installation depth does not need to be uniform.)
· Use river water for mixing concrete or bring water.
· Install single wood rail 18 in high with nails.
For long distance travelers, perhaps the most important things to bring are gloves, hammer, shovel, axe, camp chair!
We Need to bring:
· work gloves
· shovels
· Polaskis (BLM has some)
· Chain saws (Ken and others)
· Axe (Frank and others)
· Roundup (Wayne)
· Drills and ½ in bit (Ken, Jeremy and others)
· Hammers
· Water (Wayne will bring two 110 gal barrels).
· Pipe (Ken and Rod will pick up pipe from Jeremy on Monday afternoon. We can rent welder for $85/day. No decision on this rental was made.)
· Generator and fuel (Ken)
· Cement mixer (Ken)
· Chop saw (Ken)
· Wheel barrow (Jeremy)
· Extension cord (Jeremy)
· Heavy chain and 4 wheeler (Sara)
· Camp chair !

See you next Saturday, Priscilla

AS OF 3/7/2012

The Price BLM in cooperation with the San Rafael Back Country Horsemen (SRBCH) has obtained a grant to expand the San Rafael Campground (Swing Bridge) to include an equestrian trail head and four equestrian campsites. We have been told that this will be the first BLM equestrian campground. The campground is where the Buckhorn Wash runs into the San Rafael River.

The earth work has been started by Emery County. They have bladed the roads, hauled in a lot of gravel to built up the road and trailer pads. See photos on San Rafael Back Country Horsemen Facebook. BLM would like to have the campsites ready for Easter. To help meet this goal we are proposing to have a work weekend on March 15 to 18.

We would appreciate all of the help we can get for what ever days you can donate. We will be needing chainsaws and/or a backhoe (to remove tamarisk). BLM will have a power auger for the post holes. We will be cutting tamarisk out of the corral locations and for the trail to the river, setting post and rails to delineate the vehicle boundaries, and setting in tie rails. If enough people come and supplies arrive we will also be setting metal posts with concrete and welding panels to form the corrals and tie rails. Other work that will need to be done at a later date would include pouring concrete for fire ring pads and placing the rings; and placing heavy picnic tables. We will be constructing six to eight corrals as well as at least three tie rails. San Rafael BCH can use help in completing this project and are requesting that you consider it as a regional project.

For those who would like a ride. There will be an opportunity for daily short rides in the area as well as the Cane Wash loop ride on Sunday, March 18. It is about a 17 mile ride that will pass old uranium mines, go down a narrow canyon, pass pictograph panels and finish riding back to the trailhead next to the San Rafael River. We would like to accomplish as much as we can on that weekend, but we will have fun.


You can get there by turning east off Highway 10 about a mile before Castle Dale, Utah. The route will be flagged.....Follow this road about 15 miles (past the Buckhorn visitor center and well). Turn south (right) on the second turn (first good turn) past the well. Follow this road to the campground. You will cross a cattle guard and there will be a turn to the west you'll see trailers into the campground(left). The project area is off this road. All of the roads are good gravel roads until you get to the campground.